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Astin Wangel-Brown, LCSW **

Licensed Clinical Social Worker # 88440

In joining the Los Angeles Gender Center, I hope to continue contributing to filling gaps in service needs for trans folks, including access to trans and queer-affirming Black-identified therapists and therapists of color. As a cisgender woman of color who is a personally invested ally to the trans community, I am passionate about my practice as one where I provide space for trans-identified folks, of any and all intersecting identities, and those they identify as partners and family. This spaces serves to help navigate their most empowered and fulfilled functioning, both individually and in relationship.

Additionally, I have a special place in my heart for supporting cisgender parents, partners and other community members in moving towards acceptance and affirmation of their trans-identified loved one. As many of us know, accepting and supportive communities are critical for the survival and health of trans and gender expansive folks.

Upon completion of my Post-Graduate Training as a Couples and Family Therapist, I began co-facilitating playgroups for trans and gender expansive children as a Project Associate with the Gender & Family Project at Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City. This role later expanded to include co-facilitation of groups for trans-identified teens, cisgender sibling groups, as well as providing intake assessments, family therapy, and parent coaching. In my private practice, I have also long supported gender-expansive individuals and couples. I use a collaborative, non-judgmental, social justice-informed stance with all clients, paying close attention to the many possible layers of context and identity involved in every client’s reason for pursuing treatment.