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Charmy Marras

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #12647

Supervised by Tricia Kayiatos-Smith, LCSW #89568 

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Dance, with a focus in Technology, from The Ohio State University and my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. My traineeship was at BAART Clinic, where I worked with people in recovery from addiction, and Counseling West, where I worked with adults, ages 24-50. I have worked in Crisis Services at The Trevor Project, supporting LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, and with Brave Trails, as a camp counselor, therapist, and now Manager of Direct Services, where I am building programming to support LGBTQ+ youth year-round. I enjoy working with curious Queer adults, couples, and families, and believe that the work of connecting to Queer Spirit can be healing for anyone.

I work with change, the chaos that it can cause, and the flexibility and fluidity that can be necessary to shift from surviving to thriving. Change, and coping with its aftermath or its eventual inevitability, can often be what brings people to therapy.


I hope that we can approach this work with open hands. I value a client/therapist relationship that feels alive and I want you to be able to find the type of support and vibe that is right for you. I work collaboratively, creatively, and truly believe you own the work we do together. Theoretically, I am interested in Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and Depth Approaches. I enjoy the perspective of working with Systems, internally and within the cultural context in which you live. I want to offer a meaningful space for you to explore what is coming up for you in your own life and meet you with compassion, warmth, and acceptance.

I work relationally. We are in relationship with everything around us: people, plants, place, objects, money, gender, and our internal selves. I believe that it is important to explore what those relationships mean and how we can become more conscious of our life as a whole, made up of parts that interact with each other. What happens internally in our unconscious affects what happens externally and vice versa. I believe in the powers of the imagination and play as doors into our own unconscious. I enjoy working with creative minds who are curious about exploring, expanding, and queering our experiences of relationships. Through my own personal work, I am discovering my relationship with Queer Spirit.  I work through a lens of queerness to explore how we can shift into fluidity,  flexibility, and acceptance when change is present. 

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