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Dr. Elise Turen

Certified Clinical Sexologist

As a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, and co-founder of the Los Angeles Gender Center, I have been a practitioner in the field of Human Sexuality for the past 37 years. I received my Ph.D. in Human Sexuality in 2008 and also hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I was called to the exploration of gender & sexuality early in my life. That initial exploration became my life's work as a counselor and educator in these fields. As a teenager, I was exposed to experiences considered “outside the box” or gender-expansive at the time. Their impact was so profound, that I began to challenge the deeply held beliefs surrounding what it meant to be either man or woman in our culturally prescribed heteronormative society. Thus, early on, I recognized the complexities, multiple expressions & authenticity regarding an individual’s true proclivities when defining themselves in their gender and sexual core Self. My expertise is in working with individuals, couples, and families coping with issues of Gender Identity, DSDs and their many related concerns, effects of sexual abuse and trauma to the body, and encouraging cultural competency and sex-positivity in hospital, institutional and educational settings. For the past 22 years at LAGC, it has been my heartfelt mission to create a safe space for my clients to explore the diversity of their gender Self, along with developing insight of the inherent rights to their anatomy, sexual health, and expression. My career has allowed me to cultivate alternate practices serving the trans community as well. For 10 years, I co-facilitated a bi-annual Trans/GNC/Ally-inclusive retreat. I have been active in Trans/GNC related awareness and local events in Los Angeles since 1993.  I have conducted numerous trainings throughout the country for institutions raising their awareness regarding transgender people and their rights in society and the workplace. Public advocacy is as essential, as my clinical practice.


I am currently provided teletherapy services and can be reached by phone at 310-475-8880 x2 

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