Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists # 109922

As a mother of a trans-son and a clinical psychologist, I bring both my personal experience and my professional skills to support transgender and gender nonconforming children, adolescents and their families. I know what kept me up at night and how getting the right support is the difference between having a lifeline and feeling isolated. I also understand the strength it takes to seek help. Everyone’s journey is unique - if you are a parent of a transgender or non-binary child or adolescent seeking support on their journey, or personally exploring your own gender expression or transition, I believe I can offer a warm, nurturing environment validating your feelings using empathy, attunement, and humor. My guesthouse/office offers a safe, affirming non-traditional clinical setting in Santa Monica. 

I received my masters in clinical psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles.  My clinical training included working with a diverse population seeing LGBTQIA folks, individuals, couples, children and families. I co-lead an LGBTQIA teen group where I began to understand the multiple stigmatized identities non-binary and transgender teenagers can face especially those who have less privilege.  A teen’s identity such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion can all influence and intersect with gender identity and expression, which is why finding a mental health professional who is committed to affirmative care and support is essential. 

My office is located in Santa Monica, you can reach me by phone at  310-317-7668.