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Sothavy Norodom

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 111867 (CA)

As a queer person of color, I understand the significant impact our identities have on our experience. Feeling invisible or invalidated because of how we identify or how we present, can influence the way we think about ourselves and others. I welcome the discussion of one's intersectionality of identities and deconstructing the narratives we've learned to adopt. When it comes to the therapeutic experience, I work with clients in a collaborative way that is supportive of your journey, so that you feel heard, seen, and become empowered. 


I graduated with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles, from which I received education and training in LGBTQ-affirmative psychotherapy. My clinical experience consists of working with people of color, adolescents, LGBQA sexualities, trans, non-binary, and gender expansive identities, as well as treating anxiety and depression. I utilize an eclectic combination of LGBTQ-affirmative, post-modern, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches through an intersectional lens, in order to help clients identify and understand their experience.

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