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Lisa Klein


Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist # 23010

Everyone has a story worth telling, sharing, and healing. Collaborating with clients from all walks of life to navigate the ups and downs of self-discovery and owning their authentic selves has become my life's work.


My journey as an advocate, ally, and 40+ year therapist has granted me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have directed in-patient psychiatric facilities, managed the Encino Women’s Counseling Center, served on the board of the San Fernando Rape Trauma Center, and worked as a gender specialist at Kaiser Permanente. My areas of specialty include gender identity and dysphoria, PTSD, relationship growth, depression, and anxiety. From an inclusive and intersectional lens, my approaches include empowerment and affirming psychotherapy, mindfulness, breathwork, stress reduction, and complicated grief. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. More recently, I returned to school at 55 to earn my PsyD. Throughout my studies, I explored mindfulness as a healing tool for complicated grief and the impact of sexual assault on hetero and LGBTQIA intimate relationships. I am a practicing meditator, Mindfulness trained facilitator, teacher, and presenter. 

My desire as an LAGC affiliate is to be available to transitioning folx who are owning their bona fide selves, breaking from harmful heteronormative expectations. Continued growth in cultural competency and cultural humility are my personal and professional goals. I would be honored to share this process as we embark on the journey of embracing your authentic self. 


My practice is located in Ventura County, CA. I am currently seeing patients virtually.

Reach me @ (818) 903-7135

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