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Lo Story Moon Lankford

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 125555

Supervised by Tricia Kayiatos-Smith, LCSW, # 89568

“What if we could see ourselves less as innocent, but as harmed and harming, more or less honest, more or less able to be conscious when triggered, more or less manipulative, more or less willing to take responsibility for our own change, more or less caught in patterns. Would we be better able to create and respect boundaries between each other? Can we ween ourselves off of the myth of purity, of innocence embedded in our supremacist and exceptionalist structures? Can we tolerate knowing ourselves? — Prentis Hemphill (they/them)

As a trans+queer femme, I am passionate about interdependence and community psych. I believe that the societal structures inherent in our "independence-”focused U.S. culture harms all of us, creating fixed binaries and making it difficult to ask for and receive help. We were never meant to do any of this alone, and resourcing folx (in a variety of ways) is at the root of all of my work. ‘In the room,’ I genuinely care about helping people connect to therapy work in a way that is meaningful to them, noting that this can look a little different for each person and always exist in our own cultural contexts. Reaching out for help can be really difficult for some, and it’s important to me that we collaborate to find out if we are a good fit and what you are hoping therapy will provide. My style is direct, embodied, collaborative and curious and I believe deeply that addressing conflict vulnerably deepens connection. When we avoid conflict or change, we avoid intimacy. I most connect to and utilize Gestalt, narrative and feminist post modern modalities.

I earned my Bachelor’s from New York University and my Master’s from Antioch University, where I specialized in LGBTQ community psych. My internship was with Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center, where I specialized in working with TGNC young folx, ages 6-24. Outside of my practice with LAGC, I spend clinical time at the Relational Center, Step Up On Second, The Trevor Project, Trans Lifeline, Brave Trails and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. As you can see, I took the ‘Be who you needed when you were younger’ thing pretty seriously. While I love working with folx of all ages, most of my work is with LGBTQ young people.

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