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Elizabeth Gonzales Morales

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #123561

I am a proud Mexican (de la tierra de los Guamares), Queer, Spiritual, Bilingual, Bicultural, and Non-Binary person. In my own life, uncovering the effects of colonization and mestizaje in my own family and community that have shaped me while embarking in my own healing and that of recognizing the personal and generational patterns that stopped being protective and became harmful over time.

I incorporate my own and my lineage journey, education, and training as the person that will be sitting with you. My therapeutic style is centered on a mutual and equal relationship working towards your personal goals using different modalities and interventions.


I can also offer a safe space filled with empathy and compassion to walk through the difficult emotions and sensations that can come from old or new wounds. It is my hope to help you remember and strengthen that resiliency and wisdom within you as well.

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